The Five Characteristics to Bring When Going Abroad

Traveling overseas is one of the dreams of the common people. For us it is one of the best ways to take a vacation, and have a rest from our daily routines in life like working in a four-sided office or having a business. But for some, this is not an easy task. The fears overcome the excitement, and many people overthink which results to a lot of worries. So here are some things you need to bring in order to make a memorable experience and to make the most out of your upcoming trip abroad.

1. Courage
– This is the first one you will ever need. Have courage to do everything. You cannot go on if you can’t conquer your fears, whether it’s just about getting lost in a foreign country or not being able to speak their native language. If you really aspire to do the things you have been dreaming for a long time, then you should throw away your what-ifs and negative thoughts. Keep in mind that everything will be alright as long as you have that fire burning on you. Stay positive.


Traveling is a rewarding activity.
Photo: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

2. Open mindedness
– You should know that every place is different in their own way. They might have different culture and traditions, language, cuisine, beliefs, but you should be ready to receive and accept these new ideas. Take a time to study which hand gestures are accepted, and which are considered as impolite. Read about their gods, and how do they worship them; about their greatest leaders and how do they pay them respect. In this way you will gain more knowledge about the people and their history, and you will learn to understand them as well.


Most Malaysians are Muslims.
Photo: Putra Mosque, Malaysia

3. Sense of Adventure
– By having this characteristic, you’ll be able to enjoy your travel more than what you expect. Have the enthusiasm to attempt new things, especially the ones you aren’t expected to do (but only do legal things!). Try skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking, or spelunking. Get along with people through couchsurfing or hitchhiking. Explore different places that are not known to many. Trust me, it will be fun and memorable to you!


This view can be seen by climbing up the Elephant Mountain
Photo: Xiangshan Trail, Taiwan

4. Adaptability
– Culture shock may be felt instantly in a completely diverse country. It is normal, but as you stay longer, you will learn to adapt with the environment. Absorb the vibes, and learn to act like a local. Mimic the way they communicate to each other, and observe how they live in their everyday lives. Learn the common expressions in their native tongue such as the greetings and the ways to say sorry and thank you. In this way, you will never feel different to them.


Hong Kongers love to shop. Be like them!
Photo: Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

5. Courtesy
– Being courteous is one of the things that we should have everytime. Having a pleasing personality makes every people feel good towards us. Whether people are rude and unfriendly (in some other places) or not, it is still nice to keep yourself being cool. There will be a higher chance that you can meet a new friend which can be your first or next travel buddy.


Be courteous to the tourists as well.
Photo: Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macau

There may be a lot to enumerate here, but I think these are the most essential ones. Whether you will have a long journey or just a short trip, keep in mind that these things may help you in understanding the community you will be syncing in and may open you to discovery of new ideas and adventures.

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