Binurong Point: A Gem in the Island of Catanduanes

I was in a four-bunk bed hostel room in Albay when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night after falling asleep, browsing the map on my phone. At that moment, I was finding a new place to see in close proximity of the said province as a one-day trip for the weekend before I go back to Manila, after my passport renewal appointment at DFA Legazpi.


Lignon Hill, Albay

After continuing to imagine so much intrepid thoughts in my mind, I finally came up visiting the island of Catanduanes where a vista I loved at first sight is located. This is actually the only place I experienced when I was there due to my limited time. It is called the Binurong Point. The name came from the local word “buro” which means to preserve foods using salt – that’s what the people do to the fishes they harvest on the pond located somewhere on that place.

A short 20-30 minutes’ trek through rough and sometimes muddy trail in the woods leads to a paradise at the edge of the island facing the Pacific Ocean, perfect for watching the horizon as the sun rises and shines through the green grasses and blue waters which continuously strike the gigantic rocks on the side.

Getting there is not so easy, but the trip is already considered a part of the adventure. Being an island located off the coast of Luzon, Catanduanes is accessible either by air or sea travel.

Flights to and from Manila or Clark airports are welcomed through Virac Airport, while RORO and Fastcraft ferry passengers are received through either Virac or San Andres Port. From the latter, one can ride a jeepney going to Virac for PhP20, and once in Virac another jeep or van going to Baras or Gigmoto can be hailed. The fare costs PhP35 to get off at the town proper of Baras. Finally, a tricycle from there can be negotiated as a transport to the base of the trek for PhP300-500, roundtrip, depending on  haggling skills. Upon arrival, the registration site should be sought for the payment of PhP20 registration fee and PhP200 (minimum) for the tour guide, which is mandatory for all groups to hire.

Once at the point, the view will not disappoint.


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  1. Hi, are tricycles quite abundant in Baras, specifically Puraran beach area? Currently planning to spend overnight in Puraran and just negotiate with the drivers for a tour. Thanks! 🙂

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