East Asia 2016, Part 2: Japan, Day 3-4

October 31, Tokyo: I started the day with a visit to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. Little did I know that it does not open during Mondays, I decided to get back to it later and explore its neighbourhood instead.

Near the gardens are some of the structures which architecture buffs will surely enjoy. I went to Tokyo Station to see both of its interior and exterior designs. I loved the ceiling inside, and as I stare upwards I amazingly saw a beautiful pattern of shapes and colors which just resembles like that of a cathedral.

After that, I walked towards the Tokyo International Forum to see its unique building shape and climbed upstairs to see the tiny busy people and the magnificent architecture it demonstrates. There were no other people upstairs except me so I enjoyed the view by myself.

As I finish my lunch outside the forum, I went to Ginza by subway and watched the shopping district come alive with the movements of shopaholics and fashionistas. I witnessed different brands open their shops in their own buildings especially the bigger names like Armani, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Sony, and Apple. A little further from Ginza are Kabuki-za Theater and Tsukiji Fish Market which I took a peek on my way to the next destination.

I witnessed the sunset at the peaceful Hamarikyu Gardens where I enjoyed the serenity of the atmosphere as I heard the sound of the rippling waters of the lake and leaves of trees dancing with the humming wind. This is where I took most of my rest from a quick daytour from different areas of Tokyo.

Climbing up the Tokyo Tower is not really a part of my list, but as I walked near the icon, I did not hesitate to buy a ticket to see the Tokyo lit at night. It did not disappoint me when I saw the beautiful city made alive by the lights from every windows of the skyscrapers near me, and I was also able to see Odaiba far away. I took different shots from around the observation deck and head to my last destination.

As I walked further, I saw people getting ready for their Halloween party at Roppongi Hills, while I try to catch the closing time to go up another observation deck at Tokyo City View. This was one of my favourite places in the city. Every angle and every window of it, shows different stories of the country’s capital; it’s just perfect to watch the night sky shines above the city so high and alive. This is where I adored Tokyo the most, and this is where I realized that I already love the place. I will definitely come back here once I will be in Japan again.

November 1, Tokyo: It was this day that I realized that the closest tourist trap nearby was still untouched by me, so I went to Senso-ji Temple and joined the people pay their devotions and respect. I tried to pick an Omikuji, purified myself in the fountain, wander around and buy cheap eats on the street.

After visiting the temple, I went to Harajuku especially the teen-filled Takeshita Street. I saw a lot of crepe shops and fashion items for sale especially to younger girls. After that, I went to Meiji Shrine where again, I drew another Omikuji and witnessed a ceremony where a lot of people are watching.

I spent my afternoon in Yoyogi Park and relaxed while eating a matcha ice cream which I bought on the shop at the front. Aside from the trees around the Imperial Palace, this is one other place where I saw a lot of trees with its leaves turning yellow, and the shot I took from a small bridge is one of my favourites.

I finished the day’s tour walking by Odaiba’s shore and visiting the Statue of Liberty. The Rainbow Bridge nearby was lovely to watch as it was colorfully displayed with lights. From my point of view, Tokyo is still adorable even from afar. Its lights might fade, but its vibrance doesn’t disappear.

Itinerary – Day 3

  • Around Imperial Palace
  • Tokyo Station
  • Tokyo International Forum
  • Ginza
  • Hamarikyu Gardens
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Tokyo City View

Itinerary – Day 4

  • Senso-ji Temple
  • Takeshita Street
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Yoyogi Park
  • Odaiba Kaihin-Koen

    Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

    Tokyo at Night

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