East Asia 2016, Part 2: Japan, Day 2

October 30, Tokyo: It was the start of a new day. To begin with, I took a train to the crowded Ueno station and walked towards the park to share the natural side of Tokyo with groups of families, friends, and couples hanging out around on a Sunday morning. It was the right time for me to take a breakfast when I saw an international food fair on the event center. Of course, I bought a three-piece tempura and enjoyed the music of the performers on stage.

It took me just a little time to feel cold so I continued to stroll where I found myself facing the gigantic Tokyo National Museum. I bought a ticket for the main gallery and learned from the spectacle of everything Japan. Inside the museum exhibits all the familiar characteristics of the country’s history, including Samurais, swords, classical paintings, sculptures, pottery, kimono, and so much more. It took me a lot of hours to view each gallery in detail, that I left the place half hour before noon.

From Ueno Park, I walked straight to Ameya-Yokocho or simply Ameyoko and while on the road, there was these two guys talking to me in Japanese. I ended up responding like I didn’t understand what they have said, making them realize that I wasn’t Japanese. Pretty cool that they thought I was one. They just wanted me to take a picture of them riding their bikes and then off they went. I continued my walk and finally saw the arch that bears the name.

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Ameyoko is a big open air market that stretches out between the Yamanote Lines Ueno and Okachimachi, where people can find different products such as seafoods, street foods, candies, clothes, accessories, and grocery items. I also stumbled upon one of the gaming places where I lost 500 yen for trying to bring home a stuffed toy from a UFO catcher machine.

After playing and queuing to buy a six-piece takoyaki, I moved my feet to Akihabara Electric Town. I was lucky to catch the temporary-closed roadway that let me enjoy taking pictures of the shops from the middle. The area is famous for its maid cafés, anime and manga goods, and video games. I mostly consumed my time here trying my luck, again, on UFO catcher machines, but ended up having nothing. What a pity! I guess I’ll need more practice when I get back to this place.

I took a rest for a while outside the JR Line station chatting with friends online before I went back home and ate my dinner. It wasn’t still late so I bought chips and a Japanese beer on can and finished it while I still got excited of the Sumida River view in front of me.

Itinerary – Day 2:

  • Ueno Park
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • Ameyoko
  • Akihabara

Akihabara at Dusk

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