How I Spent PhP 3000 ($60) for a One-Day Trip to Boracay

I’ve been to Boracay with my friends once, which was last 2015. Back then, we tried some water activities, including a flying fish ride, helmet diving, and island hopping. I enjoyed that trip and didn’t expect that I would be back to the paradise island this year.

Some two or three months ago, I saw a Facebook advertisement of a large passenger ferry company, 2GO Travel, that revealed a 5-Peso (base fare) sale. I was interested with it because aside from the fact that it was a good deal, I never tried boarding on a local ferry here in my own country. So I grabbed it. The total cost was PhP 300. It was also the right time for AirAsia to release their exclusive promo for its members a 500-Big Points sale, which was exact for my remaining points on my account. I booked a flight which would depart from Kalibo International Airport back to Manila. It costed me a cheap PhP 157 airfare. So that time I already secured my round trip to and from the destination.

It was a Saturday when I left Manila. I went off from work at 2:30PM and arrived at the port at 7:30PM, just a great time to board the ferry. The ferry started its journey from Batangas Port at 9PM. I enjoyed the facilities inside the ship, especially the rooftop bar where I sat for a while, watching the Batangas lights go dimmer as we went further. There was also a free meal included on my ticket, and a pair of pillow and blanket. Really a great value for the cost I paid!

We arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port at around 6:30AM. After I alighted from the vessel, I went straight to Boracay, and looked for my hostel, Boracay Backpackers, which I booked online for only PhP 328. Check-in starts at 2PM but I arrived in the morning. Leaving of luggage was allowed tho, so I left it there for a while. They offered me a free breakfast too. After eating, I walked to the beach to take some pictures, which led me to a woman who offered me a package tour for a day. She started with PhP800 and after a little time of conversation, she herself lowered down the price to 700 (I did not haggle jsyk). I agreed with the price, and immediately went back to the hostel and changed clothes.

I met her on the same place, and paid 700. I was brought to a group of tourists which were waiting for the same boat. We left Station 2 at around 10:30AM. Our first destination was Puka Beach. There were few people on the beach so I got a spot to relax and watch the people on the seashore. I saw Chinese couples having their pre-nup pictorials which I found adorable.

We stayed there for around 45 minutes and after that, we went somewhere in the middle of the sea to do snorkeling. Snorkels were available to use and we were instructed to wear life jackets before going on the waters. Under the sea I saw different kind of fishes, and corals, which I always find fascinating. There were no big waves so it’s safe to go a little bit far. It was a short time until we got back to the boat and headed back to land to eat our free lunch.

We were directed at a canteen somewhere in Caticlan thru their shuttles, and our lunch was a seafood and barbecue buffet. The foods taste delicious and my favourite one was the chicken barbecue. Alongside with the foods are a bottle of water and soda. There was an option to buy a beer on the place too. After eating, we went back to the boat and headed to our last destination.

There were choices either to go to Crystal Cove or Magic Island, which is just opposite each other, or to just stay in the boat. Because we had to pay another for those islands, I decided to wait in the boat instead, which stayed in the middle of the sea. There I snorkeled again with fellow remaining tourists. The waves were strong so we were told to hold on to the ropes while on the water. In a while, we went back to the two islands to fetch the fellow tourists and went back to the same area we left.

We finished the tour for six hours, and it was just the right time to wait for the sunset. I went back to the hostel to check-in and fix my things. I headed back to the beach to see the skies turning darker, which awakened Boracay’s nightlife. It’s lively at night, but not much as the summer months. Bars were packed with people but not so crowded. At the D’Mall I ate my dinner and spent some time drinking cocktails on the beach front. It was the night before the Supermoon so at midnight I saw the moon shining brightly right above me. I enjoyed my last hours of my trip and went back to the hostel, took a shower and slept.

In the morning, I checked out and went to the airport in Kalibo. Upon arrival at Caticlan Jetty Port from Boracay, I rode a van that goes directly to the airport, and after one and a half hour I checked in to my flight and boarded. The flight was on time and I managed to arrive at my office at the jobsite just in time for another meeting for work.

Regarding my expenses, here is a breakdown of them:asd

So there it is. I think it’s already cheap for a one-day tour of the island. I could have minimized it more by not going to the bar but the nightlife was irresistible! Overall my short trip was fun and a great adventure. I wish I can go there again by next year, and I will not think twice going by ferry again. I suggest you to try it too. Thanks for reading!

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