The Beginning

I used to login to my tumblr account, follow people, and repost their pictures of the great castles of Europe, the exotic Asian destinations, the safari adventures in Africa, and the most spectacular images of Aurora Borealis in Scandinavia.

img_7484-e1424283972678Neuschwanstein Castle. ©

I did this routine almost everyday, and I saw a lot of pictures from every corner of the world. When I browsed through their feeds, I felt like I also traveled to those sites. I could imagine myself walking through the streets of Amsterdam, hiking through the mountains of Himalayas, eating ramen at a local Japanese shop, swimming in the clear blue waters of the Bahamas, and wandering around the romantic city of Paris. It amazed me.

"SONY DSC"Amsterdam. ©

I was 18 when I started to think that I can have my own getaway too. That I can realize those dreams too. Who doesn’t want to travel the world? Life would be boring if spent in the same place over and over again. Back then, I was still taking my college degree, and I wanted a vacation. I did not think twice to start doing it as early as that age. It would be fun anyway, right? I knew that whatever experience I might have, it will serve as a memory until I grow old.


The Northern Lights. ©

And then I decided to search for the first country where I can set foot. A place where I can go around easily, being a first-timer. A place that would excite me. The first of the 200 countries.

And that’s how it started.

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